Places to visit

Spring with a drinking basin, Fedorov, Stankovany

The spring is situated on the meadows above the town of Stankovany. It surfaces by a log cabin in the area of Fedorov. It is located approximately 1.5 km away from the built-up area of Stankovany.

– The water surfaces on a meadow and it is led into a plastic ring.
– The ring is covered with a plastic lid, which is overlaid with a metal frame filled with mesh.
– A portion of the water is led from the ring through a hose into a wooden drinking basin, from where it is led through a hose to the meadow.
– The spring is used mainly as a water source for livestock.
– The surrounding area of the spring and the drinking basin is protected with a wooden fence, which is damaged.
– The spring is situated in Šípska Fatra, which is a sub-part of the Great Fatra.
– There is a sitting area by the spring.
– The spring location offers a view of the ridge of Havran and a part of the Great Fatra with the nearby peak of Kopa.