Pool in Hotel “Áčko”

Hotel “Áčko” has an indoor pool, which allows you to relax in water.

It is situated at “Hrabovská Cesta”, next to the soccer stadium of MFK Ružomberok, approximately 2 km away from the town centre.

The pool is 12.8 metres long and 5 metres wide. The depth of the pool is 140 cm. The water temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. The ambient temperature in the pool area is 29 degrees Celsius.

The pool will capture attention because of its unusual creative design, but also its inviting atmosphere. It is equipped with a continuous water filtration system, which filters through the entire capacity of the pool every three hours.

In addition to the pool, the hotel also has saunas (traditional Finnish sauna, steam herbal sauna and infra sauna), a whirlpool tub with warm water, a fitness centre and a restaurant.