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Memorial Townsmen House of the Houdek Family

The Memorial Townsmen House is situated in the centre of Ružomberok, at Podhora Street no. 11.

The two-storey house was built in 1858. It was owned by the well-known Houdek family. Its members played an important role in the development of Ružomberok, as well as on the nationwide scale. Ivan Houdek, for example, is well known as one of the founders of legendary magazine “Krásy Slovenska” (Beauties of Slovakia). It is still published today. Another family member, Fedor Houdek, was an important economist, politician and publicist. For a while, he even held the office of a Minister in the Czechoslovak Government. Their father Jozef was a co-founder of the Ružomberok’s shareholders’ union, the Ružomberok’s paper mill, or the factory in Biely Potok.

The building was also the first seat of the Slovak Bank.

Currently, the building is used for commercial purposes.