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Spring at a sheep farm below Končitá, Liptovské Revúce

The spring is situated on meadows below peak Končitá, in the cadastral territory of Liptovské Revúce. It is located approximately 100 metres away from the upper end of the ski tows above Nižná Revúca. The easiest way to get to the spring is to turn slightly to the right from the marked trail at the end of the tow, towards the old shepherd’s huts, behind which the spring is situated.

– The water surfaces from a rocky bed on a meadow.
– The spring used to serve as a water source for livestock.
– There are old shepherd’s huts situated in the vicinity of the spring.
– The spring is covered with sheet metal for protection from grazing livestock and woodland animals.
– The water from the spring is directed into a plastic pipe for easier access.
– The water is also led into drinking basins for livestock.
– The spring is situated in the Great Fatra Mountain, in the sub-part of Zvolen, which is situated in the protected territory of the Low Tatras National Park.
– Passing in the vicinity of the spring is a yellow-marked hiking trail from Liptovské Revúce, through Zvolen, to Nová Hoľa.