Places to visit

Station at the cemetery, Vlkolínec

The station is situated in Vlkolínec, which belongs in the cadastral territory of the town of Ružomberok. It is located in the central area of the cemetery, in the vicinity of the entrance gate. It is located approximately 160 metres away from the hiking signpost in the centre of Vlkolínec.

– The station consists of a wood carving of St. Peter, which was made during workshop Vlkolínec 2018 on a trunk of an ash tree which had been hit by a lightning.
– Placed on the trunk is a wooden shingle roof of a conical shape with a small cross at the top.
– The station is south-oriented.
– In the vicinity of the station, there is an educational panel.
– In the vicinity of the station, there is a sitting area.
– From the station, you get a partial view of Diel, Brankov, Ostrô, Salatín and other peaks in the surroundings.
– Passing by the station is a yellow-marked hiking trail running from Biely Potok, through Vlkolínec, to Hrabovo.
– Passing by the station is a blue-marked educational bike trail connecting Vlkolínec and Pribylina.
– Passing by the station is a green-marked bike trail running from Ružomberok, through Vlkolínec, to the area of Jazierce.