To Vlkolínec through the Trlenská Valley with Children

A trip on bikes to the town of Vlkolínec, which is included in the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage.

Start and destination: parking lot in front of Motel “Vlčí Dvor” or the paved area by guest house “Penzión Sidorovo” behind the Revúca River
Trail: 3.5 km (+ 3.5 km back)
Marking: red bike trail, yellow bike trail, green bike trail
Surface: asphalt road
Difficulty level: mildly rising path, in the final section there is a steep rise to Vlkolínec
Safety: The trail leads through the town district of Biely Potok, along the local third-class road. In the valley, there is frequent movement of Vlkolínec visitors and local inhabitants. There is a speed limit in the valley, because of the mentioned frequent movement of pedestrian hikers and cyclists, but you should pay increased attention anyway.

We start our trail by main road E77, at the parking lot by Motel “Vlčí Dvor”. We cross the Revúca River and turn right. The trail leads us past a picture model of a railway locomotive of the former Korytnica railway. We continue to the entryway to the Trlenská Valley, where we see a model of the Vlkolínec belfry, serving as a resting point. We enter the valley and right at the beginning we arrive at a well. Located in the slope above the road is an important geological site of Dogerské Rocks, which we can go look at, however, the path to the rocks does not have any marking. A little bit further ahead, we can go look at another geological attraction, rock “Skala Mravíčka”. However, the path to it is not marked either. As we are passing through the valley by the Trlenský Creek, we occasionally get a view of the Great Fatra ridge (territory of Šiprúň and Vtáčnik). We arrive at an intersection with a shelter, where we can rest before the way up to Vlkolínec and admire the view of Sidorovo Hill, rising as a pyramid above Vlkolínec. The path continues to rise mildly for a little while longer, but after we pass by the two water wells, it turns into a steep rise. After a while, we come to another shelter where we can rest. We continue past the hay barn, bubbling behind which is the water flowing from numerous springs in this area. We pass by another hay barn above the road and we arrive at a curve lined with metal railings, where we get a view of the Great Fatra ridge. After a little while, we get to the entryway to Vlkolínec. Here our trail ends, but the tour of the historical jewel only begins. We return along the same route. After we have returned from the hike, we can use the services of the restaurant located at the beginning of the trail.

– There are three marked bike trails running through Vlkolínec, but riding bicycles is prohibited in the town, so please observe this prohibition.
– At the beginning of the trail, there is a restaurant and a cheese shop with benches.
– At the initial section of the trail, there is a possibility of taking a detour to natural monument “Jazierske” travertines along the green-marked bike trail.
– Our trail runs along a section of an educational trail with information panels.
– There are several resting points and springs along the trail.
– In Vlkolínec, you can visit the exhibition of traditional life in a farmer’s house, the Vlkolínec UNESCO House, the exhibition areas in the granary and the private Folk-Art Gallery of Vlkolínec.  
– The meadow in Vlkolínec offers a place for you to relax, or you can have fun on the children’s playground.
– Vlkolínec has a private farm with animals.
– Refreshment is also available in Vlkolínec in the seasonal restaurant.
– You can purchase a tasteful souvenir to bring home with you from Vlkolínec.
– The town of Vlkolínec itself, but also its surroundings, are strictly protected by the Monument Fund, as they are a monument of global significance.
– The trail enters in the territory of the Great Fatra National Park, therefore you must observe its rules for the visitors.
– If you want to, you may continue further from Vlkolínec along the green bike trail. The paved and gravel road to Ružomberok runs by the church in Vlkolínec.
– After approximately 20 minutes of walking away from Vlkolínec along the road by the church, there is a natural monument of Krvavá Skala (Rock).