Places to visit

Chapel of St. Hubert below Čebrať Hill in Likavka

The chapel is situated on the meadows above the village of Likavka. It is situated on a small meadow on the eastern slope of Čebrať Hill. It is located approximately 1.2 km away from the end of S. Nemčeka Street. You will be guided by a marked educational trail.

– The chapel is made of brick, with a wooden roof covered with felt shingles.
– There is a cross at the top front of the roof.
– Placed in the chapel is a picture of St. Hubert and a prayer to the Saint.
– The chapel was built in 2014 by the Urbarial Land Community of Likavka.
– There is a sitting area by the chapel.
– The chapel offers a view of the Likava Castle.
– The chapel is south-oriented.
– Passing by the chapel is the educational trail of Čebrať – Skalky.