Places to visit

Spring by trail Medvedia Cesta (Bear's Path), panel 3, Ružomberok

The spring is situated in the Hrabovská Valley, in a small valley between peaks Haliny and Žľabiny. It surfaces in a debris bed, below a paved road. It is located approximately 1.6 km away from the central parking lot in the Hrabovská Valley. You can get to the spring along educational trail “Medvedia Cesta” (The Bear’s Path).

– The water surfaces from a gravel bed covered with moss, at the periphery of a wooded area.
– The spring is unaltered and not in use.
– The water from the spring creates a small elongated gravel spring area covered with moss.
– Passing near the spring is educational trail “Medvedia Cesta” (The Bear’s Path).
– There is a cableway track running above the spring.
– There is an educational panel by the spring.
– It is situated in the protected zone of the Great Fatra National Park.
– From the spring, you get a view of Čebrať.