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Spring above Rybka, Stankovany

The spring is situated outside of the town of Stankovany, in the area of Rybka. It surfaces in a slope, above a hiking trail in the woods. It is located approximately 125 metres away from hiking signpost Rybka. You can get to the vicinity of the spring along a green-marked hiking trail leading to the village of Podšíp.

– The water is led from the spring through a wooden conduit, from which it flows into a creek.
– The spring is situated in Šípska Fatra, which is a sub-part of the Great Fatra.
– The spring is used by hikers.
– Passing near the spring is a green-marked hiking trail from Stankovany to Podšíp.
– Passing near the spring is a blue-marked bike trail from Ružomberok, through Stankovany, to Podšíp.