Kinderlandia is an indoor amusement centre for kids, which offers fun for kids in any weather, as it is under a roof.

It is situated at “Bystrická Cesta” in Ružomberok, next to the City Market shopping centre, approximately 1 km away from the town centre. In the same building, there is also an indoor swimming pool.

The complex consists of three sections. The first section has climbing frames, slides, obstacle tunnels and a children’s ball pool. The second section has a trampoline and a children’s carpet, where children can play with various toys (cars, dolls, building blocks…). The third section of the complex is a café, where you can sit down and buy a small snack. The convenient thing is that the parents are able to see their children from the café chairs at all times. Parents are responsible for safety of their children. Children’s birthday parties can be organized at the premises after agreement.

Apart from the swimming pool, the building also houses a restaurant, a library centre, a ballroom and an indoor tennis hall.